Who are we and what do we do?


The team is led by Barry and Jackie, a husband and wife team who specialise in World War Two Civilian Police re-enactment. We now also have a fully equipped mobile Police Station. 

Our main focus is to portray the local village bobbies and the unglamorous but nonetheless vital role that they played on the home front during the war years. 

In addition to the usual duties you would expect from a Police Officer, the hostilities brought about extra tasks for the Police Force. These included assisting the fire and ambulance services, enforcing the blackout, checking identity cards and pursuing deserters, looters and enemy aliens. The war years also saw the formation of the Women's Auxiliary Police Corps (WAPC), brought in to some forces primarily for administrative duties. As the war progressed, some members of the WAPC went on to become fully trained in front line duties, although female officers remained few in number. 

WW2 Civilian Police are sadly not portrayed as often as other organisations, largely due to the scarcity of available uniforms and equipment. We hope therefore, that we can raise the profile of this group of people who were so important in everyday life during those difficult years. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail in our uniforms, equipment and our newly rebuilt and improved fully equipped Police Station display.    

If you would like more information or wish to book us to attend your event or film production please use the contact form on this website to send us an email.  We can also provide larger numbers of Police re-enactors if that is more appropriate for your event, together with a period Royal Enfield motorcycle, when available.  

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