Our Mobile Police Station




                The Law at War - History on Wheels

 Having constructed the "flat pack" Police Station originally for the 1940s Village at the Military Odyssey 2010, we rebuilt, enlarged and improved it in 2012.  In 2016 we built a brand new Police Station onto a trailer so that the structure is permanently erected making it far more robust and easier to set up at events.  We tow the Police Station to various events including 1940s weekends, multi period living history events and Police events.  2018 has brought about an internal re-fit which has involved improving the layout of the Police Station to provide a more realistic look.  .


    Shed of the Year 2017 category winner 

Having been encouraged by fellow re-enactors to enter the Police Station into the annual Shed of the Year competition, we decided we'd give it a go and so entered into the Historic category.  We were very excited to be told that we had been shortlisted into the final 4 entries of our category and had two days of filming, one for our entry and one for the award giving.  The experience was wonderful and we met so many amazing people.  We were more than thrilled when it was announce that we had won the category and are so grateful to everyone who voted for us.  

So, back to the living history.....  

We hope to have re-created the feel of a wartime Police Station with our extensive collection of 1940s police and office artefacts, ephemera and memorabilia.  We have all sorts of items of interest within the station many of which are originals from the war years. Where we have been unable to source original items, for instance some of the paperwork and posters,  we have been careful to create or purchase reproductions that are accurate in their detail.  Many thanks to the Hampshire Constabulary History Society, Surrey Police and Avon & Somerset Police for their help and kind donations.  

In addition to the serious historical and educational aspects, we endeavour to provide amusement for children (aged 8 to 108!!) with carrying out fingerprinting and they can also see what it feels like to wear a police helmet  These activities have proved to be very popular as has our new holding cell which is never unoccupied for very long especially when there are spivs about! 

If you would like more information or would like to book us and the Police Station for your event, please use the contact form on this website to send us an email.  

Please take a look at our Police Station Gallery for more pictures.